Coming Soon...revamped site with new features and major improvements in usability for all participants. Will also have updated standings for all NBA draft boards from 2017 and 2018.

Come back and check it out!!!

How It Works

  1. Register and fill out a draft board of your top 30 players on your user profile. Submit your rankings as a "big board" and not a mock draft where you try to guess which team will select which player.
  2. All draft boards will be aggregated into a consensus board (see preview on below left) so you can see how your evaluations compare to others leading up to the draft.
  3. Following the draft in June, draft boards will be locked and then scored over the long term based on how the players you ranked perform during their careers, by using win shares data from basketballreference.com. See the Standings section for examples from the 2017 draft.
  4. Track your players in the NBA and start studying up for the next draft!
  5. Good luck!

Why Enter???

1) For fun! Compete against your friends, other fans, columnists, analysts, and pro scouts!

2) The NBA needs your help! (No, seriously, they do.)  Check out the draft comparisons section for some history on NBA draft performance. There’s no telling what opportunities could arise if your draft boards are outperforming those of actual NBA teams.

3) To Learn! By using this platform, you can develop informed opinions about players and track your knowledge and progress over time.

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